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Third Place and We are Still in The Race

   Our Experience and Performance at The NMRC Invitational Tournament at the SANFORD CENTER of Bemidji MN, WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!  On April 17th, 2021 out of 24 top level competing Teams we placed 6th overall and EARNED 3rd PLACE in the Finals after being Picked to join the the final's TOP ALLIANCE.  This is the highest position and award we have gained in our 4 years of being apart of FIRST.   


   We would like to wholeheartedly Thank the Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference, The Sanford Center, our sponsors,  Kelliher Public School and our local communities for Allowing us to Participate and experience this Grand event in our Team's History.


 Our  other main Objectives with in our team are as fallows.

1. Rebuild our pit into the next century.  Our current pit was built out of PVC pipe and has held up well but has been cumbersome, heavy and vulnerable to breakage.  Now to start off the new decade we will be slightly redesigning and constructing our new pit out of sleek, streamlined aluminum. 

2. EXPAND our RECRUITMENT efforts in our school.  It has come to our attention that with in three to four years our main body of members, including our coders, will be graduated out of our team and school.  So in order to keep THE KELLIHER BOG BOTS living and progressing on, We must RECRUIT new students and their talents into our team.  We will be doing this through word of mouth invitation, Advertising on web and paper, and bringing friends to our meetings.

  SO, for now if you are a student of kelliher Public School in 7th + grade range and would like to join, Please Let us Know. Word of mouth, email or through a friend.

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Community Outreach and involvement


   Unfortunately with this COVID-19 Confusion, Regulations, Social Distancing, and all around complications several of our normal community out reach channels have been canceled, dissolved (VFW Pancake Breakfast), or Are uncertain if that they will occur this year at this time. THE KELLIHER BOG BOTS are currently working on replacing lost avenues for out reach and working on improving and monitoring existing areas. 

Kelliher Public School
Gatherings and events


   The Kelliher Bog Bots Team 6453  Is more than just a First Robotics Competition Team with a name and a number and a Neat or cool Mascot and logo.  It is apart of a dedicated small town school that itself is an integral part of a hard working small Northern Minnesota Town.  Who both have supported us and took an interest in us from our team's Creation to this current Season.  In Return, We, the members and staff of 6453 Do our level best to give back to this school and to this town  when and wherever possible.  Our give back Ranges From our performance at our School's ROBOT & GAME REVEAL every season, to setting up booths and displays at the community's fairs and carnivals, to having a float in the local Big Bog Festival during the summer.  Theses avenues of out reach give us a chance to give back to a school and a community that,  as a whole given us a lot.


2018 School Reveal
FRC Power UP

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2019 pre-School assembly Reveal.
The Future of our Team!

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2019 Kelliher Health Fair booth


  6453 is now in the process of becoming apart of the Adopt a Highway Program, With the adoption of a one mile section of Minnesota Highway 1 out side of Shooks, Minnesota heading West.  This means that we will be in charge of keeping the ditches on both sides of our section of Highway 1 clear of trash and other road side debris.  This gives us the chance for us to be seen out in the community and to do our part to keep our local highways clear of ridicule and disgust by those who come up to our area to get away and enjoy what our out doors have to offer.