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   Even though the end of 2020 and the starting of this brand new NEW YEAR 2021 was attacked by a Devious and Elusive little Virus that is become known as COVID, COVID-19 to be precise. This little Pest has caused Cancellations, Postponements, Confusion, Delays, and last minute Startups with in our team members lives.  Thankfully Our season is the latter of the list above. 

   A week before we at Kelliher Public School went on our christmas break on the 23rd of December 2020 we had discussed the fate of this Covid Confusing Season. Our head Coach had found out that the game play to be used this season in FRC for 2020-21 was to be a repeat of the 2019-20 INFINITE RECHARGE season.  This along with the information that stringent social distancing and other Covid related regulations would make this years Season to be complicated, difficult, and not as enjoyable as previous years.

  So we as a team decided to take a hiatus from the main FRC competition and work on projects that were deemed important and best use of our possibly limited time together in Covid uncertainty.

   NOW, we have STARTED and THE BOG BOTS ARE ON THE RUN AGAIN!!  Though we won't be competing in the main event this year, it doesn't mean that it won't be any less Exciting, Trying, Memorable or enjoyable.  Our main Objectives for 2021 are as fallows.

1. We will be using new code-able drones to create and fly an obstacle course. In order to keep our coding and building skills sharp and expand our knowledge of the possibilities within the field of robotics.

2. Rebuild our pit into the next century.  Our current pit was built out of PVC pipe and has held up well but has been cumbersome, heavy and vulnerable to breakage.  Now to start off the new decade we will be slightly redesigning and constructing our new pit out of sleek, streamlined aluminum. 

3.  EXPAND our RECRUITMENT efforts in our school.  It has come to our attention that with in three to four years our main body of members, including our coders, will be graduated out of our team and school.  So in order to keep THE KELLIHER BOG BOTS living and progressing on, We must RECRUIT new students and their talents into our team.  We will be doing this through word of mouth invitation, Advertising on web and paper, and bringing friends to our meetings.

  SO, for now if you are a student of kelliher Public School in 7th + grade range and would like to join, Please Let us Know. Word of mouth, email or through a freind.

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Community Outreach and involvement


   Unfortunately with this COVID-19 Confusion, Regulations, Social Distancing, and all around complications several of our normal community out reach channels have been canceled, dissolved (VFW Pancake Breakfast), or Are uncertain if that they will occur this year at this time. 

  BUT THIS SECTION, of our website will not remain empty and Void of Community Outreach done by THE KELLIHER BOG BOTS. We are currently working on replacing lost avenues for out reach and working on improving and monitoring existing areas. 

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