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What we're doing



   Infinite...., I-N-F-I-N-I-T-E is the word for this year's "Coopertition" (cooperate while competing) as we enter First Robotics’s INFINITE RECHARGE by First Robotics and Lucas Films.  In this year’s competition, we are charged with the task of saving “First City” from an INCOMING ASTEROID SHOWER!  We have to develop a robot that can deliver power cells into the “Shield Generator” and then spin the "Control Panel" a specific number of times or turn it to a specific color.  Once that is complete we have to race to the “Shield Generator Switch” and climb on to activate it and save us and our fellow bots from imminent DOOM!

   Luckily, there are other FRC teams striving to develop a robot to tackle one or more parts of this year’s daunting task.  So our team, #6453, is developing our robot to pick up power cells and deposit them into the lower portal on the "Shield Generator" and climb the "Shield Generator Switch".

   To accomplish these objectives, we are developing our robot to be able to pick up and deposit the power cells from the front of our robot.  This will make it so our drivers only need to focus on and strategize in one direction during the match.  In order to climb the "Shield Generator Switch", we are creating a climber using an extra large pneumatic cylinder with a claw hook braced to the back of our robot's frame.

    We, as a team are looking forward to competing at this year’s Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference Week Zero meet in Nevis, MN on February 15th. Here we will be able to refine our robot, our drive team and our pit crew for our grand finale for this year at the Lake Superior Regionals in Duluth, MN, which will take place March 5th - 8th.

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Community Outreach and involvement

  Our robotics season is only a month and a half long and all of  our team members, both students and adults alike, have other responsibilities and prior commitments outside the team.  Yet, even with these challenges and complicated schedules, the Kelliher Bog Bots find time to give back to our community in many ways.



  Every first Sunday of each month, our local chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars puts on a pancake breakfast for the community.  At each breakfast, we strive to have at least one or more team members there to help out with the setup, cooking, serving and clean up afterward.



  Every July, two of our local communities, Waskish and Kelliher MN, put on a Big Bog Festival to celebrate our area and its history.  This festival consists of three days (Friday through Sunday) of fun events.  On Saturday Kelliher hosts many fun and entertaining festivities, one of which is a parade that marches its way down Main Street. Each year local organizations, companies and clubs participate with a variety of floats, banners and classic automobiles.  Included in this lineup is the Kelliher Bog Bots.  For the past two years our team has participated and presented itself proudly in this parade.

School Events

   Along with other community events and festivals, Kelliher Public School puts on several events for their students and community members. One of these events is the Halloween Carnival, where different clubs and organizations develop game booths for the younger members of the community.  This previous carnival, our club ran a booth throughout the evening.  This booth consisted of  two robotic arms and an air table, known as Tempest, produced by Goldenrod Research Corporation.  The main objective of this game was to maneuver one of the robotic arms, pick a small plastic ball out of a pillar of forced air and deposit it out into a holding bin within a certain amount of time.